Vegan Plantain Brownies

plantainbrownies-01I have posted many brownie recipes around here. In fact, I even had a Brownie Week last summer with 5 brownie recipes back-to-back. But those were all raw brownies. This is the first baked brownie recipe, and it is delectably different! Different because of the plantains. Delectable because of the chocolate….

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Possibly Addictive Vanilla Date Bars

+-*I posted a picture on Instagram many, many weeks ago–an innocent looking stack of oaty bars, and an approximate recipe to go along with it. But since then they have stolen my vanilla-loving heart. I’ve made at least 20 batches! It’s a true oaty obsession.


Green Grape Chia Tarts

+-*Something green… Something green… Something green… This is a snapshot of my brain as I was wandering through the produce section brainstorming for a St. Patty’s Day recipe.


Crazy Fruity Fudge Bars

+-*The soundless split of an almost overripe banana peel–brown with yellow spots. The fruit is squishy-sweet from a week’s neglect on the counter and a couple of bruises. Despite the blemishes I toss it into the blender with a handful of medjools and a scoop of bittersweet brown dust. Wait a second…I thought this was a fudge recipe?


Secretly Cruciferous Crunchy Tacos

+-*This is another one of those recipes that contains ridiculous amounts of veggies disguised as a not-so-healthy meal. You’re looking at a rather unusual take on taco filling that is actually made from veggies, then topped with more veggies, and cradled in a crunchy corn shell. The good news is all you will taste is taco, not broccoli.


Neapolitan Chia Pudding


Did you know that the Neapolitan flavor trio is very much an American thing even though the name alludes to Naples, Italy. And the typical chocolate + vanilla + strawberry is based upon popular American flavors, not tradition…